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HiThrive drives workplace engagement with the power of positive reinforcement.

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Always be cheering

HiThrive catalyzes a cultural shift by making it easy to catch each other at our best.

Positive-only feedback loops

Each cycle strengthening the confidence and the heartbeat of your organization and actively moderated to guarantee our philosophy.

Increased emotional connection

With HiThrive, your team members are regularly reminded that their contributions are valued and their meaninful role in organizational success.

Internal / external

Peer-to-peer recognition is fantastic, but sometimes appreciation from a customer can be even more impactful. HiThrive makes it easy for customers to share their appreciation too.


Not your legacy desktop app, although it’s available there as well. We built HiThrive to be as efficient and engaging as the consumer applications that you actually enjoy using.

Custom achievements

Make it about the praise itself or reinforce positive efforts with rewards (symbolic medals or IRL gifts). Integrate external data sources to trigger achievements as well.


Connect to your existing app, communications channel, POS, HRIS, or use as stand-alone.


Team members keep a record of their positive performance for future need -- whether that’s a self congratulatory moment or support for career advancement.

Why positive only?

It’s natural to coach by pointing out what’s wrong -- broken, inefficient, room for improvement, etc.

But we believe that the most impactful teaching moments occur when we point out what is great. That way, the amazing performer knows that (1) somebody is watching and that their effort means something, (2) their peers have a great example to emulate, and (3) everybody feels good knowing that they’re contributing to an organization that appreciates them.

There is a time and place for the non-positive, but we think y’all probably have that covered elsewhere.

(appreciation + recognition) x (opportunity + wellbeing) =
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