Employee recognition reimagined

HiThrive drives workplace engagement with the power of positive reinforcement.

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Positive-only feedback loops

We don’t use points, ratings, or stars. We filter feedback through a positive-only lens

Internal / external

Peer-to-peer and customer-to-employee. HiThrive makes it easy for customers to share their appreciation directly too, while ensuring that your internal sentiment remains private

Mobile first

Not your legacy desktop app, although it’s available there as well. Our background in consumer apps means that the experience is just as optimized for those on their phones as the employees sitting behind a screen

Fully customizable

Designed to easily conform to your organization and align with your existing culture. Control everything from the look and feel to the awards, criteria, and outcomes

Why positive only?

It’s natural to coach by pointing out what’s wrong - what’s broken, inefficient, or has room for improvement. But we believe that the most impactful moments occur when we celebrate what is great. This way, each person knows that:

(1) their efforts are noticed
(2) their contribution matters
(3) their customers, peers, managers, and organization appreciate them

By building upon a culture of celebration and increasing the cycles of recognition, we build the confidence and engagement of your team members, your customers, your organization.

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