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HiThrive is built flexibly to easily conform to your organization and align with your culture

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Internal / External

Shout from the rooftops when a colleage does something great and receive the same from customers too.

Unlimited Users

Invite as many of your coworkers as you’d like and make positive reinforcement part of your workplace.

Teams And Multi-Location

Rollup locations and teams to ensure that positive performance is recognized.

Customizable Incentives & Badges

Create achievements that align with your organization whether short-term or long.

Real-time Announcements

Designate users who can send real-time messages to their team / workplace.

Dashboard & Analytics

Have insight into which locations. teams, and employees are most appreciated.

Integratons & SDK

Connect to your existing chat, HRIS, or app.

Assisted Onboarding & Rollout

We’ll take an active role to make your experience a success