Easy, impactful, fulfilling

How organizations create moments of meaning and positive performance data for progress.

Inside-In & Outside-In, all in one place

Reinforcing positive cultures by capturing all of your great people moments and helping you to capitalize on them.

Web-based App

accessible from desktop and mobile devices

Organization Dashboard

manage teams and customize the experience to fit your needs

Mobile App

for on-the-go positive feedback on iOS or Android

HiThrive for Slack

bolt HiThrive on to Slack to keep your team motivated and engaged

Celebrated in real-time

Everything you need, encompassed in one simple-to-use platform, Easy for customers and employees alike

Dashboards, analytics, and advanced insights

Manage your organization, customize each team's experience, share, and continuously improve


Connect to the tools that you already use. Simplify setup, increase engagement, extend insights, customize learnings.

Trusted & secure

The privacy and security of your data is vital, so we are committed to providing a highly secure environment you can trust. HiThrive is SOC 2 compliant, ensuring that we securely protect the interests of your organization through audited security processes and data integrity.