Positively reinforced, emotionally connected

HiThrive drives transformational change by enabling workplaces that empower each other.

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Quick Implementation

As simple as inviting your org via email or SMS. They’ll download our app or join via web.

Organizational Design

Easily create groups by location, team, or function. Build your hierarchy so that the right people stay in the loop.

Your community, your rules

Use our engine to customize your achievements and milestones. We’ll gladly help create award visuals to make it uniquely your own

Low effort, high impact

Designed to be easy even on the move, HiThrive exists to make your day better, not worse. Select your team member and type a quick note of recognition (we’re not into points, ratings, or stars).

HiThrive will deliver it and add a little extra pizzazz. Our library of animations is continually evolving to keep the experience exciting and your team engaged.