Your means to higher & happier performance

Enabling positive feedback loops to build a healthier and more productive work culture.

Celebrating customer support and teammate support alike, HiThrive catalyzes a cultural shift that results in measurably more engaged, productive, loyal, and happy workplaces.

We’ve made it easy to cheer for the right people. HiThrive empowers internal recognition (among colleagues) and external love from customers too. Now when a team member goes out of their way to help, you’ll know about it.

The power of being seen, valued, and appreciated increases our wellbeing and propels us to new heights. HiThrive has customizable incentives and achievements to reinforce the sentiment.

Team members keep a record of their postitive performance for future need. Whether that’s a self congratulatory moment or support for career advancement, it will always be there.

We’re a different type of engagement platform

  • Mobile-first, not your legacy desktop app. Available via iOS, Android, and web app
  • Positive-only, with real-time moderators to guarantee our philosophy
  • Narrative-based, rather than ratings or stars. We enable a dialogue that brings us closer, not a transaction
  • Internal / external, keep your internal encouragement private while enabling external gratitude too
  • Tailored experience, make it about the praise itself or reinforce it with incentives. Your culture, your rules
  • Integrated into your existing app, communications channel, HRIS, or use as stand-alone. It works just the same
&co.$3/user monthly

Internal / External

Shout from the rooftops when a colleage does something great and receive the same from customers too.

Unlimited Users

Invite as many of your coworkers as you’d like and make positive reinforcement part of your workplace.

Teams And Multi-Location

Rollup locations and teams to ensure that positive performance is recognized.

Customizable Incentives & Badges

Create achievements that align with your organization whether short-term or long.

Real-time Announcements

Designate users who can send real-time messages to their team / workplace.

Dashboard & Analytics

Have insight into which locations. teams, and employees are most appreciated.

Integratons & SDK

Connect to your existing chat, HRIS, or app.

Assisted Onboarding & Rollout

We’ll take an active role to make your experience a success