Hi, meet HiThrive

We’re positive that you’re going to like this.


Because we’re positive people and we’ve built the best positive reinforcement solution available.


Deep empathy, a unique understanding of the changing employee and customer demographics, and a desire to create a 360° recognition platform that is truly innovative.

What do we know?

We know that high performing companies are built on stellar people. We know that the difference between mediocrity and superiority is largely predicated on those people and their passion to go above and beyond.

What we believe?

We believe that amazing things happen when people feel valued and our mission is to empower frequent recognition to bring out the best in your organization.

Alrighty, well what is it already?

HiThrive is a positive reinforcement hub for work, uniquely facilitating recognition from both colleagues and customers alike.

We do this by providing a democratized solution, for any company size, at a non-prohibitive price.

No complex or costly implementations, upfront fees, or required bundles with other platforms. What we offer is a flexible utility with a singular focus — to make our workplaces happier & more supportive.

We all have moments to celebrate. We’d be pleased for you to join us.

With gratitude,